Lady in classroom learning Spanish

Learn Spanish in the Sonoran Desert Arizona

At the Arizona Language Center, the courses are designed to develop Spanish language skills for practical and immediate use, regardless of previous experience. Ideal Spanish lessons for beginners, all Spanish language lessons are taught by Spanish speakers who enjoy students' success. Classes are comfortable, supportive and fun. Classes for every skill level are available, including Spanish immersion programs for adults. Students will find their place from beginner to advanced skill levels.

On-site and off-site Spanish training available!

Spanish Grammar and Conversation Classes

Study the language foundation to increase use of Spanish verbs, vocabulary and proper sentence structure, in our conversational Spanish classes. Whether learning numbers and basic verbs, or expanding knowledge to future and past tenses, Spanish learners will develop the ability to speak Spanish with others, in class and around Arizona.

Spanish for Business

Business Spanish will enhance communication skills and understanding in the workplace and marketplace. Business Spanish focuses on business terminology, report writing and public speaking through our groundbreaking Spanish language immersion programs.

Spanish for Educators

This Spanish language course introduces participants to basic grammar and knowledge of the Hispanic culture. This intensive Spanish course prepares educators who are beginner level Spanish-language learners to communicate with English language learners and their parents. The emphasis is on basic communication skills associated with real-life situations, life in the classroom and school terminology.

Beginner Spanish Classes in Phoenix

This course is designed for students who are new to the Spanish language. Instruction will include an introduction to the Spanish alphabet, building a basic vocabulary of Spanish words and using Spanish in everyday situations.

Intermediate Spanish Lessons in Phoenix

This course is designed for students who have completed the Beginner Spanish Course and for students who have some knowledge of the Spanish language. Students who have studied Spanish in the past and those who speak and understand some basic Spanish will be comfortable in this course.

Advanced Spanish Classes for Mesa, AZ, and the Surrounding Area

This course is designed for students who have completed the Intermediate Spanish Course and for students who have knowledge of most Spanish language concepts who are working towards fluency.

Please check our Course Schedule and Fees page for pricing and availability.