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English Lessons for Beginners

English as a Second Language classes are taught using internationally acclaimed communicative methodology to develop English vocabulary, with an emphasis on using the structures orally, making this an ideal beginning English learning course.

ESL classes in Phoenix, AZ, are available for all 6 English skill levels in grammar, reading, listening, writing, conversation and pronunciation. Each English level includes 120-140 hours of classroom instruction. Students may join an ongoing group class session at any point once they have completed the placement assessment to confirm their skill level.

Each group class session is four weeks and continues through the level course material until completed-typically one level is completed in twice weekly group classes over several months.

Private classes assist students who have a short amount of time to visit Arizona and those who want to progress more quickly and can be scheduled at convenient times.

Within our English classes in Mesa, AZ, students develop English language skills for real life situations with the help of Arizona Language Center`s intensive English courses. Some students join a twice weekly group class and in between class days schedule private classes to intensify the immersion experience.

Attendance and homework assignments are significant contributors to success at the Arizona Language Center.

Beginner English

Our English course for beginners is designed for students who are new to the English language. Instruction includes reinforcement of the sounds of the letters of the English alphabet, building a basic vocabulary of English adjectives and verbs and practicing the use of simple English sentences from everyday situations to communicate.

Intermediate English

Our intermediate English course is designed for students who have completed the Beginner English Course or for students who already have some knowledge of the English language. Students who have studied English in the past and those who speak and understand some basic English skills will be comfortable in this course.

Advanced English Conversation

Our advanced English course is designed for students who have completed the Intermediate English Course and for students who have knowledge of most English language concepts who are working towards fluency.


Introduction to the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) assists students in identifying sounds of English. Unlike many international languages, English is a stress based language and students learn proper stress in classroom practice with English conversation lessons as well as assignments outside the classroom.

English Writing Course

Our English writing course is a small group class designed for intermediate to advanced students. This English writing training includes advanced English vocabulary, sentence structure and techniques on how to express yourself confidently and accurately in emails, letters, presentations and composition.

International Business English Course

Arizona Language Center offers a Business English language training course tailored to managers and professionals. Students may select to earn an 80 hours Certificate in International Business English or choose a customized course to meet specific goals with our English classes in Phoenix, AZ. The schedule and the course outline are available below:

International Business English Course Outline

Please check our Course Schedule and Fees page for pricing and availability.