Individualized Interpreter Training Online

What is the meaning of IEP?
It is a written statement for each individual with a disability that is developed, reviewed, and revised in accordance with Title 42 USC Section 1414(d).  This title states that students, parents and administrators have the right and requirement to provide additional and extending educational services to student with disabilities.  This program includes an assessment of their disability, how it affects them interscholastically and a program indivdualized for their performance expectations.  

IEP Training for Charter Schools & Districts

In the phase of education we are currently seeing, programs like IEP assessment and training are moving online and virtual.  These trainings are showing the advantage of certification and training for charter schools and entire school districts.  The benefits includes safety from health risks, convenient and organized scheduling for training classes and remote training online. 

The IEP training program is a 28-hour course that can be completing in as little as 4 weeks, depending on scheduling.  This course will teach the fundamentals of interpreter techniques and terms and pronunciation of terms in many fields seen in IEP assessments and programs. 

Individualized Education Program Interpreter

Working toward a common goal

Each interpreter training program will include:

Unit 1 – Interpreter techniques, interpreter ethics & cultural awareness
Unit 2 – Introduction to specific terms used in the educational field (Spanish/English)
Unit 3 – English/Spanish vocabulary awareness and review as it refers to medical/psychological situations
Unit 4 – Common expressions and terminology used in IEP

  • Practical role-play sessions relating to actual IEP meetings in Arizona will be provided in class.
  • This course is offered to groups of school staff who wishto have their current interpreters trained in technique and Code of Interpreterethics.
  • We travel to the District Offices to provide this training.
  • All applicants must be fluent in English & Spanish to be accepted into thetraining course.
  • We can provide quotes and schedules for this customized IEPtraining course upon request.

Additional Online IEP Training

In addition to the 28-hour IEP certification course, we can create custom add-ons to your programming including specific terminology, mock IEP meetings and one-on-one training for supervisors.  All training will be recorded and access provied for review and future refresher sessions.