Our English Pronunciation Course & Accent Reduction Classes

An in-depth English pronunciation course to improve communication

The English pronunciation course and accent reduction classes offered by Arizona Language Center in Scottsdale focuses on American English pronunciation. Students will learn how to pronounce each sound in the English language. Students will learn how position their lips, teeth, and tongue to form words that are selected for practice. Students learn to correctly pronounce every English language sound, making this option stand out from other accent reduction classes. Correct pronunciation is the focus of the accent reduction training program and students will interact in guided conversation with others in the classroom.

*Note: English is the only language spoken in the classroom.

Pronunciation Training and Accent Reduction

Improve productivity & safety at your business with our American English pronunciation course

One of the goals of the Arizona Language Center¹s American English pronunciation course is to focus on accent reduction.

Accent elimination is a virtually impossible goal, so students focus on reducing specific pronunciation challenges that have made it difficult for native English speakers to understand them.

Benefits of Accent Reduction Training:

  • Enhanced interpersonal interaction
  • Increased confidence in the speaker
  • Increased potential for professional advancement
  • Increased employee productivity and safety, including prevention of time-consuming (and potentially costly) misunderstandings in the work place
  • Expanded business negotiations and opportunities
  • Reduced client frustration due to communication inaccuracies
Benefits of Our American English Pronunciation Course:

Many international professionals who have studied English for years may still have problems communicating effectively due to a lack of proper pronunciation. Incorrect pronunciation can result in misunderstandings between customers and co-workers, as well as time-consuming repetition. Companies that choose to invest in their employees in with our accent reduction training minimize time and productivity losses in the workplace. Language training provides the invaluable benefit of eliminating the potentially harmful effects of poor communication.