TOEFL® Preparation Course & IELTS Test Preparation

One-on-One Preparation Courses

Score Improvement Program - Integrated Skills Development

The Arizona Language Center provides an in-depth TOEFL preparation course that prepares students for entrance into universities and graduate school with a preparation program for widely recognized exams.

The Arizona Language Center program provides online TOEFL preparation for students with specific individual strategies to achieve high scores.

Our groundbreaking TOEFL preparation classes focus upon improving spoken skills, increasing vocabulary as well as improving strategies for reading, writing and listening comprehension. Students requiring specific direction in crucial areas of the test focus on practicing those skills while comprehensively covering all sections of the test. The Arizona Language Center’s preparation course includes materials to facilitate integrated skills preparation and critical test-taking strategies for the exam.


The Arizona Language Center offers TOEFL preparation programs designed for international students who are focused on preparing for the TOEFL exam or to improve their current scores to meet requirements. Programs are offered in the classroom or remotely using internet technology.


The Arizona Language Center offers an in-depth IELTS preparation course designed for international students who are focused on preparing for the IELTS exam or to improve their current scores to meet requirements, complete with IELTS coaching online.

Private, One-on-One Tutoring

Students study English as a second language or prepare for the ESL examination one-on-one in private classes with Arizona Language Center¹s dedicated instructors at a location and time that is convenient for busy schedules.

Group TOEFL Test Prep

TOEFL, IELTS group test preparation course for first-time test takers.

Please check our Course Schedule and Fees page for pricing and availability.

I am one of your students for private TOEFL Preparation classes and I have greatly enjoyed and benefited from your TOEFL classes. We went through all question types in simulated exam like environment, and the trainers offered great feedback for improvement. I could see that I am armed with more ammunition at the end of each of these TWO 2-hr intense sessions. Kudos to the teacher for being the amazing tutor she is.
I have already recommended your TOEFL focused classes for my friends who are in the same boat as me (in terms of the struggle to increase speaking section score from 24 to 26).
I think you should ADVERTISE this service to professionals who need high speaking scores in their TOEFL. It was a stroke of luck which helped me find your institute/course, and I am grateful for it. However, the advertisement will be beneficial to professionals, as well as the institute.

Vinay S

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