Arabic-English Medical Interpreter Certificate Course

Our Arabic-English Medical Interpreter Certificate Course focuses on all the important aspects of quality and integrity when interpreting in the medical/healthcare environment.

Prerequisite: Candidates must be fully bilingual in Arabic and English and confirmed with a telephonic interview.

The Role of the Interpreter

  • Simultaneous Interpretation
  • Consecutive Interpretation
  • Basic Interpretation Skills and Techniques
  • Note Taking
  • Handling Difficult Interpreting Situations
  • Preparing for the Bilingual Interviews
  • Interpreter’s Code of Ethics
  • Incorporating Cultural Differences to Improve Communication
  • Role Plays from Real-Life situations & meetings, events
  • Terminology
  • Professional/Career Development for Interpreters


Basic Medical Terminology is taught using combination of written lectures, audios, videos, and patient education material.

Lessons include anatomy, common diagnostic procedures, treatment and equipment, and medical specialties.


By the end of this course the student would be able to:. identify the locations of the major structures of the human body.

  1. Define common medical terminology associated with the major body systems.
  2. Explain common medical terminology using word parts (prefix, root word, suffix) and word combinations as appropriate.
  3. Explain terminology related to common diseases, diagnoses and symptoms,diagnostic procedures and treatments and common medical equipment and devices.
  4. Compile a comprehensive personal glossary of anatomy and medical terms in Arabic that covers the 10 body systems.
  5. Accurately describe and pronounce medical specialties, diagnoses, symptoms, and patient education information in Arabic and English.
  6. Demonstrate ability to conduct online search and verification of medical terms and symptoms using credible sources of information.

Medical Concepts:English

  1. Word Parts and Word Combinations: English
  2. Basic Anatomy and Medical Terminology: English
  3. Terminology for common diagnosis, treatments, and procedures English
  4. Medical Specialties: English

Abbreviations and equipment, basic level
Medical Abbreviations and Procedures, basic level

Medical concepts: Arabic

  1. Basic Anatomy in the Arabic language
  2. Medical Terminology in the Arabic language