Business English Courses, and Custom Courses for Professionals

The ESL classroom supports an English-only environment during our business English course. International students benefit from the English immersion experience inside the classroom. Outside the classroom, students at the Arizona Language Center practice English reading, speaking and listening skills through the many opportunities to participate in the local culture by visiting the restaurants, shops, theaters and art galleries that are within walking distance of the center. Guided tours of the Grand Canyon, Native American cultural sites and the High Sonoran Desert are a few favorite English language immersion activities experienced during our business English language course.

International Business English Course

This course is designed for executives, managers, and professionals who are motivated to succeed with communicating in the business world, and is a leading option for those seeking business English lessons for adults.

  • Taught by experienced corporate language trainers, courses are customized to meet individual corporate objectives.
  • Course content is tailored to meet each participant's everyday English language needs with job-specific language function and vocabulary at an appropriate level. One-on-one or small group classes are trained to advance English communication skills and Beginner, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate and Advanced levels are offered.
  • The business English course is customized to the specific language needs of each corporate trainee, unlike some other professional English courses.
The business English course trains participants to improve the following English communication skills over a two-week session.
  • Presentation skills
  • Communicative writing
  • English grammar improvement
  • Business English vocabulary including idioms
  • Dialogue and conversation
  • Accent reduction and pronunciation
  • Listening skills enhancement

An English placement test evaluates English skill levels. Participants with the same skills study together throughout our business English course. A needs assessment is then administered to obtain each student’s individual goals, learning style and training needs. The business English course is a two-week intensive training program that includes 80 hours of classroom instruction. The course takes place with prior reservation, every two weeks, at the language training center in historic Old Town Scottsdale, Arizona.

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