What are the typical class sizes?

We strive for a personal approach to teaching and our class size is capped at 6-8 students per class.

How do I know my placement level?

We’ll send you an online skill level evaluation test at no charge.

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Certified & legal document translation

Marriage and birth certificates have a quick turn around time. More detailed, technical documents in any format are translated in a prescribed time-line and proof-read for accuracy. All translations will be accompanied by a certification of authenticity document when necessary. Books, essays, legal documents, medical records, websites, instruction manuals, subtitles for film or TV, or any other form of written information.

All translations are accompanied by a Certificate of Accuracy when necessary. Visit our document translation services page to submit your documents.

TEFL Certificate

The 120 hour IN CLASS TEFL Certificate course offered by the Arizona Language Center in Scottsdale, Arizona consists entirely of classroom instruction, and it is not administered online.

TEFL trainees benefit from the attention of professional trainers in a small class environment. Trainees have the opportunity to interact one-on-one with the professional TEFL trainer gaining invaluable experience planning lessons and required practice-teaching real adult ESL students at least 6 hours.

The course is taught by experienced TEFL Certified instructors with a university degree and a TEFL Certificate with years of teaching international students.

4 week or weekend courses are offered throughout the year and course enrollment is limited to 6 teacher trainees. In order to earn the certificate, teacher trainees must

  • complete a pre course assignment.
  • attend and participate in all course modules.
  • observe experienced ESL instructors in the classroom.
  • practice-teach a minimum of 6 classroom hours to actual ESL students at the Arizona Language Center.

All graduates receive a letter of recommendation from the Arizona Language Center and valuable career support.